When the global markets opened, with its spotlight on Indian workers, we at Middle East Management Services (MEMS), were prepared to lead the recruiters to the best suited candidates.

Our firm, established in 1977, was committed to provide manpower for all major projects for the overseas market. The monumental growth of infrastructure and services in the Middle East attracted a large number of expatriates from India. This led to Middle East Management Services Co. consolidating its position as a leading company for recruitment.

In recognition of our proficiency, the government of India duly granted us our licence, with the number:
B-205/MUM/PER/1000+/5/8209/2008 issued by the Ministry of Overseas & Indian Affairs.

The corporate head office in Mumbai, is the centre for all official meetings and interviews. It is centrally located in the commercial hub of Mumbai - Byculla. Our wide network across India grew beyond boundaries and established in countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Philippines. MEMS has recruited and deployed 50,000 highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled personnel from these countries.

Our clients in the Middle East are major beneficiaries of our successful services for the past 26 years. As leaders in the field of recruitment, we are further motivated to strive for perfection and extend our services worldwide.


In keeping with our motto of providing the best service, and at competitive charges, our recruitment staff goes through an elaborate process of identifying the most appropriate candidate from the data bank. Media advertisements also fulfill these requirements.

Candidates with exemplary records qualify to be a part of the data bank. Technical tests and initial interviews are conducted by our teams for the final selection.

Types Of Human Resources:
Our clientele is associated with Petrochemicals, Power, Offshore, Oil and Gas Industries, Heavy construction, Maintenance and Hospitality, Healthcare and Information Technology. Prospective job seekers for the above industries are expected to be well qualified in their respective fields.

Other Services.
Besides placement of staff, we also offer consultancy services, assistance with tenders, salary quotation, charge rates, staff requirement etc

Our network of offices in India, enables us to obtain personnel from specific areas of the country, all specializing in their jobs. It is with such diligence that we are able to meet the demands of providing customer satisfaction.