The recruitment procedure at MEMS is handled systematically and with great efficiency. Exceptional standards are maintained to meet the requirement of the organization and the prospective employees. Our success story is a result of the well categorized stages we go through with our customers at all levels of the recruiting processes.


This is the initial stage, which consists of an elaborate three pronged approach of, Select, Scrutinise and Interview .

  1. Selection begins with the scanning of applications stored in the vast cosmic data bank of our company. As soon as the required details are keyed into the system, the most appropriate resumes are procured for assessment. Applications received through media advertisements, add to the wide choice of candidates available.The selection panel then painstakingly goes through the process of scrutinising the most proficient and competent applicant suited for the job. After identifying the appropriate candidate, initial interviews are conducted by the HR personnel of MEMS.
  2. Technical tests to judge the practical aspect are conducted by our own teams or at test centres approved for recruitments. The first round of selection and short listing is completed at this stage
  3. Interviews held by the client’s HR personnel, determine the final choice of candidates. These meetings are facilitated by MEMS at their office or any other venue proposed by them. Success of the candidate at this stage marks the final selection.


This stage entails a medical checkup, as well as all travel formalities with regards to passport, visa and immigration details.

  1. A thorough medical checkup is conducted for all migrants as per the regulations of the Indian Government and the respective embassies. The tests are carried out by qualified doctors at clinics recommended by GAMCA – GCC approved medical centres Association.
  2. All travel documents are scrupulously prepared to rule out any irregularities. Passports, visas and immigration procedures are taken care of by our staff.


At this crucial juncture, we provide counseling services and assistance at airport.

  1. An orientation program for the recruits forms a unique and crucial part of our package of excellent service. We provide all information of the social and cultural aspects of the country of travel. They are familiarized with details of the firm they have been employed by, alongwith all the rules and regulations of the company.
  2. Any assistance if required at the airport is facilitated by our helpful staff. It is taken as an individual responsibility by every staff member at MEMS to ensure the best service to our clients and candidates.